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MA - White Belt / Black Stripe - Kata (GREY TAG)


Students are awarded a grey tag for performance and understanding of Kata. Kata is used as an advanced training method of applications and concepts, that can be performed solo or with partners.

Defence Drill
Defence Drill Applications


Defence Drill








Starting in Yoi, step back with your right leg into Guarding Stance, while your hands open and cross over below belt height, then raise up and finish apart into a double middle level block.


Ear Slap

Bring both hands straight in with a Double Hand Slap to finish ear height and head distant apart from each other.


Head Butt

Tilt your hands forward, and then look at the ground as you drive your head forward until your temples touch your hands. Then keep your hands where they are and withdraw your head back out.


Groin Strike

Pull your right hand back and rotate your wrist so it faces outward, bring your hand past your head and then bend your knees, circling your arm back to finish with your elbow bent and your forearm parallel to the ground.


Palm Heel

Withdraw your hand back to your chest, then raise up sharply, but do not straighten your legs fully and deliver a right palm heel strike, with the fingers pointing to the side. Both palms will touch at the completion of this move



The right hand will now fist and you will drive the right elbow into the left hand at head height.



You will then place your right arm on top of your left arm, with fists touching your shoulders. Then you will step forward with your right leg into Yoi.

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Standard Application

Have your partner attempt to grab you on the shoulders or push you on the chest. Before they make contact with you, use the Break technique of Defence Drill to defend the attack. Then continue through the Kata on your partner.


Alternative Application

Have your partner grab you on the shoulders as hard as they can. Attempt to use the Break technique of Defence Drill to defend the attack. If you are successful in breaking your opponents grip, then continue through the Kata on your partner. If you are unsuccessful in breaking your partner's grip, no matter, the Kata will still work while being held, so therefore just continue through the Kata on your Partner.


Advanced Applications

It is now time to experiment with your partner / partners and see what other techniques the Defence Drill can be used against, e.g. Wrist Grabs, Side Grabs, Rear Attacks etc.

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Upper Body & Arm Position

Hands fisted facing the front in line with belt

Fists, Elbows and Shoulders in line

Shoulders Back, Standing Strong


Leg Position

Feet facing forward

Feet Shoulder Width apart

Knees slightly bent


Head Position

Head straight and tall

Mouth Closed


Eye Focus

Head in Correct Position

Eyes forward

Eyes aware

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Start in Yoi

Cross right hand in front of left, hands touching shoulders

Bring hands back forward and bend at the waist

Keeping eyes forward hold until told to straighten back up

Finish in Yoi

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