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MA - White Belt / Black Stripe - Grading Requirements


White Belt / Black Stripe


Hot Tin Roof Bouncing in Stance Warm Up
20 Push Ups on Knees to the count
20 Arm Swing Sit Ups to the count
20 Back Exercises to the count
25 Level Changes per Stance to the count
Warm Up Stretch Routine called


TECHNIQUES 5 Repetitions both stances

High Cover
Low Cover
Jab (lead hand)
Cross (rear hand)
Groin Kick (lead leg)   
Upward Knee (rear leg)
Back Elbow (lead hand)------------------------- Back Elbow (rear hand)
Hand Slap (lead hand)--------------------------- Hand Slap (rear hand)
Sitting Back Break Fall



Defence Drill
Defence Drill Application - as grab defence with Partner


SELF DEFENCE 3 Repetitions (wrist to elbow)

3 x (1 hand same side) 
3 x (1 hand opposite side)
3 x (2 hands on 1 arm) 
3 x (2 hands on 2 arms)


PADWORK 10 Repetitions on Focus Mitts both stances

High Cover, Jab, Cross
Groin Kick (lead leg), double Palm Slap, Upward Knee
Groin Kick (lead leg), Cross
Jab, Cross, Switch, Upward Knee



Upward Knee
Shrug & Twist (to leave clinch)



Opponent pretends to knock you down, Side Roll to Sprinters Stand Up away from them
Turtle Sprinters Stand Up (opponent is standing to Side or Back, pretends to strike)
Turtle Low Ankle Takedown (opponent is standing to Front, pretends to strike)



Counter Groin Kick Pivot defence and Counter
Counter Straight Head Punch High Cover defence and Counter
1 Round Shadow Sparring


Cool Down Stretch Routine called


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