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MT - Attendance - Minimum 15 Lessons

Minimum time to Advance.

  • 15 Lessons is the minimum time before grading
  • 15 Lessons is not the maximum time before grading
  • There is not a maximum time before grading
  • Students will only progress once they have achieved a 100% pass rate, 99% is not a pass
  • You may inform your trainer when you have completed 15 Lessons
  • Your trainer will decide when it is appropriate to test you
  • Only your trainer has experience in when someone is worthy of advancement to the next level, do not question them.


Black Dragon Kai strongly believes in competency based promotions. Time in grade offers a guideline to students about how their attendance is tracking, it is not based on how many weeks, months or years you have been training but on how many lessons you have completed.


More importantly, you do not grade once you have achieved the minimum number of lessons, this just marks the beginning or your eligibility to grade. Grading and advancing are based on the competency to perform the techniques and tactics required for each level. Only once complete comprehensive understanding and performance are achieved will someone advance. Some gradings take approximately a month to complete once started, others are shorter and sometimes individuals will slow down as they reach certain hurdles on their journey.


Always feel confident in what you have achieved, as Black Dragon Kai does not give out rank regardless of how long you have trained. All ranks must be earned by all students. As long as you are persistent, determined and capable of showing small increments of improvement, eventually you will achieve. It is not a race to grade but a reward for those that are dedicated to self-improvement.


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