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MT - Guard - The Fighting Stance (1)

Orthodox for Right Handed (left leg forwards)

Southpaw for Left Handed (right leg forwards)

Your Guarding Stance is standard position that you will both attack and strike from. It represents not only the beginning and end of every exchange you encounter, but also your default setting for when you feel overwhelmed or not sure what to do next.


Upper Body & Arm Position

  • Hands fisted up on face (palms facing in)
  • Elbows in
  • Shoulders Up & on 45 degrees


Leg Position

  • Feet facing forward
  • Back Heel or Both Heels off the ground
  • Feet Shoulder Width apart
  • Feet Shoulder Width deep
  • Knees bent


Head Position

  • Hands fisted up on face
  • Head leaning forward
  • Mouth Closed
  • Lead with Forehead
  • Chin in and back


Eye Focus

  • Head in Correct Position
  • Eyes forward
  • Eyes on opponent
  • Eyes aware



  • Mouth closed, tongue to roof of mouth
  • Breathe in and out through nose in stance
  • Breathe in through nose before striking
  • Breathe out through nose or mouth while striking

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