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BJJ White Belt 1st Degree Requirements

Positions & Safety



Dojo Etiquette  

Basic Disease Control

The meaning of Osu


Solo Drills

Backward Break Fall

Side Break Fall

Forwards Break Fall


Partner Drills

Run Around the Legs



Kumi Kata (Judo Grip)

Wrestlers Grip (head, arm)

Double Under Hooks



Kesa Gatame (hold & safety)

Kuzure Kesa Gatame (hold & safety)

Side Control (hold & safety)

North South (hold & safety)

Mount (hold & safety)

Back Mount (hold & safety)

Back Grab Bottom (hold & safety)

Back Grab top(hold & safety)

Knee Ride (hold & safety)



Closed Guard (posture up)

Closed Guard (break posture)

Closed Guard (Scissor Sweep)

Closed Guard (Sit Up Sweep)

Half Guard (reclaim Closed Guard)

Half Guard (flat)

Spider Guard (opponent moves)


Turtle Position

(front) Turtle (hold & safety)

(behind) Turtle (hold & safety)

(side) Turtle (hold & safety)


Self Defence

1 on 1 Wrist Grab Defence (same side)

1 on 1 Wrist Grab Defence (far side)

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