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Dojo Etiquette (1)

Code of Conduct

  • Upon entering and leaving the dojo, bow to the instructor and towars the centre of the dojo. This is a sign of respect to your teachers and the area you train in.
  • Students should not come in and out of the class without permission from the instructor, if you are delayed for any reason, please wait until the instructor invites you to join the class.
  • Gi's should be clean and hygienic (washed regularly) and should not have any rips or tears.
  • Students are expected to participate in seminars, competitions and demonstrations with a view to developing their own techniques and representing Fight Club Jiu Jitsu & Black Dragon Kai.
  • Fight Club Jiu Jitsu & Black Dragon Kai expects that older or advanced students give examples of discipline to new and beginning students in a polite and helpful manner.
  • Jewelry (piercings, necklaces, rings watches, etc) is not permitted in the dojo.
  • Every student must have their uniform clean and complete with official patches from Fight Club Jiu Jitsu & Black Dragon Kai. Other uniforms are not permitted.
  • Any assistant instructor or senior student that is taking the class should be treated with the same respect as the usual instructor.

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